Sunday, 17 November 2013

What's the point of this blog ? Why did i create it ? Who cares about juniors in cycling ?

That's the questions i made before i started this blog. I'm a big fan o cycling. I'm reading about it every day, im interested in pro's, u23, juniors, cx and so on. There are tons of portals writing about elite, there are tons of portals writing about news, startlist, results. But almost none of them are writing about juniors. That was the idea. To write about juniors in cycling. Once you try to google juniors in cycling you will mostly find only results from World Champs. If you know some popular sites with cycling results you can find results of some big u19 races. But i'm pretty sure that you won't find much else. And i want my blog to be the place where you will find something more. That's the idea. How it will work ? We will see.

We are now in the off season so i have few months to improve the blog before the real racing starts. I'm hoping that i will find some visitors till then :) and that once people start visiting my blog they will also give their best ideas how to improve it. For now i know that i would like to write about races, about riders, about future hopes and also, about riders who were great juniors and now.. that's the question. Are they successfull at pro level ? What happened with them ? How important were the junior days for them ?