Monday, 24 March 2014

Frenchman Théo Nicolas (Argenteuil Val de Seine 95) have won the 21st edition of Bernaudeau Junior after two men sprint against Cyril Bordes.

Théo Nicolas

The winner was a part of the break of the day that went clear at the beginning of the day. Together with him there were Maurits De Wall (Willebrord Wil Vooruit), Jérémy Reulland (Morbihan), Théodore Duriez (CC Cambrésien) and Florian Maitre (VCA Saint-Quentin).

After around 50 kilometers the five leaders had 1'35" adavantage on the main group which was shattered because of two big crash in the main field. Fifty riders were deleyed. Once the race went through the hilly part of the event the peleton splitted even more, into five groups and we had a counter attack of two riders: Julien Mortier (Team Wallonie) and Sylvain Montana (Olympique Cycliste du Val d'Oise).

The leaders increased the gap over the main group to 1'50" and Maurits De Wall was dropped from the front group. Numerous attack happened in the hilly part, one of the were formed by three: Pieterjan Delerue (Zanatta Lotto Cycling Team Menen) and the duo from Avia Crabbé CT: Simon Daniels and Jari Snyers. Another attack was made by Maxance Bonjean (Pôle Cyclisme Rhône-Alpes Saint-Etienne) and Martin Palm (Team Wallonie) who had 15 seconds advantage on the bunch. The duo managed to join the leaders so we had six in the lead at the moment.

Once the race have reached the finish line for the first time we had 40 riders in the main group. After that the counter attack of fifteen riders went clear including the future winner Nicolas. The lead group increased the gap up to 50 seconds. Two riders decided to attack from the leading group and it was the winning move of Nicolas and Bordes. Martin Palm came third after the group behind two leaders splitted and riders were soloing to the finish.

Full results:

After pretty solid ride in Kuurne Bruxelles Kuurne (19th place) Théo Nicolas grabbed his first big win. Also worth mentioning another decent place by Charlie Arimont. After being 11th in KBK and 2nd in GP Andre Noyelle the young Belgian came 4th in Bernaudeau. Time for big win now ? We will see.

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