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Dutch rider Pascal Eenkhoorn (Avia Wcup CT) won 20th edition of GP André Noyelle 2015 after riding away from his breakaway companions in the final kilometers. Another Dutch rider Alex Mengoulas (Monkeytown CT) took second and Belgian Stan Dewulf (Zanatta Lotto CT) was third.

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Final podium (photo:Kenny Desaever) 

Just a few kilometers after the start in Ypres, Dutch rider Marco Mook (Young CT) tried his luck attacked from the bunch but he was quickly caught. ANext attackers were Belgian aron Verwilst (Tieltse Rennerclub), winner of Tour of Flandres 2014 and Marvin Tasset (Verandas Willems-Crabbé Dakwerken-CC Chevigny) but they also didn't manage to get a big gap. Once the peleton reached the hardest middle part of the race the group started to split. We had three big groups on the road.

The first one of around 40 riders included a few from Monkeytown CT which had Kuurne Bruxelles Kuurne winner Yannick Detant. Other strong and well represented team was Pijnenburg with their leader, Bram Welten. Once the race was getting closer to final circuits, eight riders attacked: Aaron Verwilst (Tieltse Rennersclub), Sylvain Leonard (CC Chevigny), Jonas Castrique (Ct Menen), Maxime Gressier (Dunkerque), Alex Braybrooke (HTM Academy), Yannick Detant (Monkeytown), Stef De Louwere (Pijnenburg). Shortly after Bram Welten managed to join the leaders but the gap was pretty small. Behind the peleton was high tempo and riders were dropped at the back.

 Finally, at the local circuits we had a group of seventeen riders.  On the final lap Bram Welten tried again with Pascal Eenkhoorn (Avia Wcup CT) and Ide Schelling (Restore) but they were quickly caught. With less then six kilometers from the finish, Brit Stuart Balfour from HTM Academy JLT Condor tried but also get caught. Right after, crucial attack was made. Pascal Eenkhoorn tried again with Alex and the managed to stay away. Dutch rider, one of the riders to watch in 2015, was simply stronger and run away from Mangoulas. Stan Dewulf jumped from the chasing group and took third place.

Cycling junior
Pascal Eenkhoorn winning GP André Noyelle (photo:Kenny Desaever) 

Here's what Pascal said after his win:

"The race was hard from the start which was my advantage though I only had one teammate in the lead group. After 30 km it was already broken. There was not a lot of wind, but it's enough to just blow. In the last part, I was able to win by playing tactics. I attacked on the last lap. In the last kilometer there were two of us in the lead. In the 500 meters, I was sure we would not be caught. It was hard to take Alex's wheel (Mengoulas) but 200 meters from the line he broke down and I could finish it off.  Next week, I'll be Bernaudeau. It is a long and difficult race, so I hope it will be okay. "
Alex Mengoulas:

"I tried to attack but I started too early because I feared we would be caught ... So finally i was empty to finish. On the one hand, I am disappointed because I didn't win, but the other hand it's the first time I'm on the podium of a great classic in Belgium. We were with a strong team constantly on the attack but still resumed. Finally, when I tried in the last all, it worked. Next week Moerkerke Damme and the Star of South Limburg and some shopping in the Netherlands.  "

Full results here: Results


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