Sunday, 12 April 2015

Dutch rider Bram Welten won 13th edition of Paris Roubaix Juniors. Welten teammate, Pascal Eenkhoorn finished second and Belgian rider Stan Dewulf was third. Jasper Philipsen won sprint from small group for fourth place.

Bram Welten and Pascal Eenkhoorn celebrates their 1-2 places in Roubaix

We had early breakway of four riders including two Polish guys: Szymon Krawczyk and Szymon Sajnok together with Maatren Kooistra from the Netherlands and Italian Tommaso Fiaschi. Bunch behind was shattered from the crashes, punctures and splits on cobbles. The leaders never had a big gap, after Mons-en-Pévèle the were 1:10 ahead of the bunch. Meanwhile, one of the race favorites, Mathias Norsgaard crashed and was out of the race.

Early breakaway on cobbles (photo: Btwin racing team)

The leaders was caught with around 20 kilometers to go. In peleton we had no more then thirty riders. First counter attack went from Jhonny Brown and Stan Dewulf but they were quickly brought back. Dewulf tried again and was joined by Mattia Sobrero from Italy and Bram Welten. Pascal Eenkhoorn also joined the leaders. Sobrero had a pancure and two Dutch leaders managed to get rid of Dewulf and arrived at velodrome together and Bram Welten won.

Crucial move on cobbles, Stan Dewulf leads (photo Btwin racing team)


Dutch domination continues as they have won all 1.1 junior races this season except Trofeo Citta di Loano which was basically pure Italian battle. Denmark didn't manage to win fourth Paris Roubaix Juniors in a row but if Norsgaard didn't crash it could end up in a different way. Also there was reports that French guy (Turgis?) was right there with Dutchies and Dewulf in the decisive attack but punctured and was left behind. Great ride by Jasper Philipsen, pure talent not only in sprints as we could see today.

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