If you ever wonder who am I you probably won't find much info in this post but I decided to write it anyway... :-)

My name is Tom and I'm from Poland (surprised a little ?). I've never worked as a writer or editor or anything that is connected with journalism. I'm a happy corporate worker in IT sector. That's also the reason I would like to stay pretty anonymous. 

I am a big cycling fan in general, trying to watch every possible race that is covered in TV (which might be a little bit harder this year as i got married in August :-) ) but since there are tons (and I really mean tons) of cycling websites and blogs about elite (some of them are really great)  I decided to start up a blog about juniors. I am also a big fan of every kind of fantasy cycling games and in some of them, knowledge of junior cycling is quite useful so since I'm reading about juniors and espoirs almost every day i decided to also write about it once a while. And this is how this blog came up to life.

I have no big plans for this blog in future as I know that junior cycling is not a hot topic but I would like my readers to get some knowledge about future cycling stars and some day maybe have a thought like this "hey, I remember him from that junior blog, he won his first race in 2015 and it was the first time I have ever heard about him".


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