Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Gianni Wytinck (Avia Crabbe) from Belgium have won the 16th edition of Grand Prix Bati-Metallo after a sprint from a leading group. Bram Dejonghe (Apt Spie Douterloigne) was second and young Dutch Pascal Eenkhoorn (District Oost Nederland) was third.

It took almost thirty kilometers to let the break of the day go. The lucky riders were: Lars Akkermans (CT Young), Fabio Jakobsen (Zuid Nederland), Tom Timmermans (Onder ons Parike), Niklas Larsen (Python Pro Junior) and Victor Van Bost (Peruwelz-Bury). After thirty kilometers of racing they had advanatge of 30".

On the fourth climb of the day we had a counter attack of six riders: Simon Claeyes (Balen BC), Ignace Van (CT Young) Yenn Liedts (Onder ons Parike) Hjort Mads Olander (Python Pro Junior), Arno De Wilde (CT Menen Zannata-Lotto) and Ferre Peeters (DCM Voorselaar) but they were quickly cought by the main bucnh speeding behind the leaders. Fast pace caused big splits in the peleton. With 77 kilometers to go the leading five were caught and we had a big group at the front again.

Another attack was made by four riders: Bram De Jonghe (Apt Spie Douterloigne) Christian Mikkelsen (Python Pro Junior), Fabio Jakobsen (Zuid Nederland), Jonas Castrique (CT Menen Zannata-Lotto), they managed to get 15" advanatge but like a previous try they were quickly cought by the peleton.

The important thing happened with 47km to go when trio: Wiebren Plovie (Avia Crabbe), Pascal Eenkhoorn (District Oost Nederland) and Christian Mikkelsen (Python Pro Junior) attacked from the bunch and quickly reached almost a minute lead over the bunch. Comeel Verschaeve (WC From Molenspurters) was trying to bridge but with 46km to go he was 36" behind the three leaders. Once the leading trio have passed the finish line for the first time they had 55" advantage. Counter attacker was caught.

The leaders worked well but with only two laps to go (16km) they had only 27" on the bunch. Six men attacked from the bunch and managed to join the leaders: Gianni Wytinck (Avia Crabbe), Brent Dewachter (Isorex), Jens De Lange (Onder Ons Parike), Sjoerd Van der Stelt (Wilton CT), Steff Hermans (DCM Voorselaar), Bram Dejonghe (Apt Douterloigne Spie). So we had a decisive move of nine riders and 11 km to go. They gain enough advantage to stay ahead of the group. Wieben Plovie worked hard and his teammate, Gianni Wytinck have won the sprint.

Here is what the winners says:
"It was a tough race that combined hills and cobblestones. Initially, we did not set tactics. When a group is gone, we drove back to not let go. Then, the goal was to be in every shot. When Wiebren left, we were quiet in the peloton but it came back slowly. In the penultimate round, a group left and I jumped in the wheels. Once before, it was of course Wiebren and made a good job and has launched me very well. I do not expect to win because this is a few weeks as I turned around without concluding and morale had taken a hit. In addition, I was quite surprised to have good legs today. For the future, I hope to win a few races and at least match my score my first year Junior, that is to say victories. "


Gianni Wytinck had some solid results this year with 11th place in GP Andre Noyelle but didin't had a win until sunday. Wieben Plovie done a great job in lead out and Wytinck sprint was quite impressive, he was few bikes ahead of the rest. Also 3rd place is first notable result for Pascal Eenkhoorn, who had amazing season last year in u17 with close 20 victories on the road (with some in cyclocross also). Remember his name, it's not the last good result for him this year. Now it's time for Tour of Istria.

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