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Two weeks after a difficult mountain race Course de la Paix junior peloton split into two important races played on the same weekend . Part of the riders will head to France for a weekend Le Trophée Centre Morbihan. The rest are heading to the Netherlands for the 33rd edition of Driedaagse van Axel .

podium 2013 (photo: 

Beginning on Friday, in the region of Flanders Zeelandic race is an opportunity to demonstrate their skills for strong, fast riders with decent time trial at least.

Tao Hart leading the group (photo:
Riders on cobbles (photo:

The four-stage race will begin on Friday in the town of Sluiskil. After driving 99.6 km riders will complete the stage in Axel . On the flat route there are three time bonuses and eigth cobbled sections , the last of which is less than 3km from the finish line.

On the second day the riders will compete in two stages (it is worth mention that this is a very popular form in the junior races ) . Morning face off from short, not very technical time trial in the streets of Axel . In the afternoon, juniors will face very similar route to the first one, flat with bonifications and sections of cobbles,  the last of which is again less than 3km from the finish line.  Last year the two stages of mass start ending in Axel won the Dane Michael Carbel Svendgaard.

Last, Sunday's stage will be decisive for the general classification. Peleton will face a similar distance as in earlier days, 93.2 km around the city Valzeke . On the route , however, there will be three difficult climbs :

- Valkenberg ( 540m , avg . 8% , max 12%)
- Leberg ( 950m , avg . 4.2 % , max 13.8 %)
- Langendries ( 1000m , avg . 6.2 % , max 10%)

And false flat (3%) Paddestraat cobbled section with a length of 1,800 meters .

The riders will ride each section of cobbles four times, the last time Paddestraat will go through with less than 2km to the finish . The last fourth uphill Langendries is located 8km from the finish .

A year ago at this stage the general classification was decided. Eight riders finished in front without the race leader Carbel Svendgaard . Stage won his compatriot , Mathias Rask Jeppessen which, thanks to a good ride on the TT stage was the winner of the race.

Final results 2013:

Startlist is very impressive. We will find the clubs from Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and national teams: Poland, Russia, USA and Azerbaijan.

The number one favorite is definitely Magnus Bak Klaris . The winner of this year's Paris Roubaix should feel great on cobbles, hellingen and short time trial.

Among the Dutchies i would put my money on Bram Welten and Peter Lenderink. Both have solid results this year and would love to show their talent on home ground. In bunch sprints Enzo Wouters is the man to beat for sure.

Other notable starters:

Wiebren Plovie, Gianni Wytinck, Zeke Mostov, Brent Briesen, Charlie Arimont and Senne Leysen.

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