Saturday, 10 May 2014

Swede Eriksson Lukas won the queen stage of the Course de la Paix 2014 beating at the finish the Dane Magnus Bak Klaris, winner of this year's Paris Roubaix  and Frenchman Aureilien Paret Paintre. Rayane Bouhanni, younger brother of FDJ sprinter Nacer is the new leader. Rayane finished fourth today, four seconds behind the leading trio.

Today's podium (photo:

The riders had to overcome the distance of 102 km between Teplice and the German town of Zinwald . For the last forty kilometers awaited them two climbing to Komáří vížka ski station with one just before the finish. At the foot of the final climb Bak Klaris and Bouhanni attacked. They gained 25" advantage but later on Swede Eriksson and Paret Peintre bridged to the leaders. The cooperation between the escapers was very good and four remained an advantage to the finish line . Swede Eriksson was the fastest, but the fourth Bouhanni was the new leader with the same time as Bak Klaris. Tomorrow we gonna see passionate fight for victory in the race. The former leader Matthew Gibson lost 1:20 to winner and dropped to seventh place in the overall standings . Disputes impact on such a large loss was a defect before the first climb on Komáří vížka . The best Czech rider was once again Adam Toupalik who finished seventh today and he is 12th in GC.

Brief results:

1. Lucas Eriksson (Sweden) 2:44:31
2. Magnus Klaris (Denmark)
3. Aurélie Paret Peintre (France)
4. Rayane Bouhanni (France) +0:04
5. Mark Padun (Ukraine)


1. Rayane Bouhanni (Francie) 6:55:33
2. Magnus Klaris (Dánsko)
3. William Barta (USA) +0:16
4. Lennard Kämna (Německo) +0:21
5. Igor Decraene (Belgie) +0:29

Full results

Rayane Bouhanni in yellow (photo @TourDeJose)
Tommorow's the final stage for sprinters but with no gap between Bouhanni and Klaris we can expect big fight between them for sprint bonuses.

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