Thursday, 22 May 2014

Giro d'Italia time trial underway, i've decided to post links to intermedtiate times (not top 10 but full results) so you can easliy spot you favorite riders. The way it's shown is far from being perefect but stil better than nothing :)

Stage 12 (ITT) » Barbaresco › Barolo (42.2k/26.2m)

Km. 12,6 Boscasso (4ª)

Km 26,2 Alba

Barolo (finish)

Stage 19 (MTT) » Bassano de Grappa › Cima Grappa (26.8k/16.7m) 

Km 7.5 Semonzetto

Km 19.3 Campo Croce

Cima Grappa (finish)

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