Friday, 23 May 2014

Today juniors begin competition in the Netherlands in the Int. Junioren Driedaagse van Axel. Meanwhile, tommorow starts another (third already) stage race of uci Nations Cup for juniors, Le Trophée Centre Morbihan. Held in the French department of Morbihan, a two-day race consists of two hilly stages and a short individual time trial.
The winner of last year's edition was further world champion Mathieu van der Poel.

Mathieu van der Poel (photo:
On Saturday, riders will go over a distance of 97.2 km from Malachappe Pluvigner to Brec'h. After passing first 47 km on the hilly terrain riders enter into the final circits with a length of 9.9 km around the city Brec'h near Auray. Along the route there are three categorized climbs, two of them with category 2 (basically false flat: 2.7 km long with avg 1.9%), and the Cote de Scoulboch (1.8 km, avg. 5.4%) in the initial phase of the stage.

stage one map (photo:

stage one profile (photo:

The second day of competition will certainly be decisive. Morning riders will face a short,  seven kilometers long, very fast time trial from Reguiny to Naizin. A year ago on the same route triumphed Remi Cavagna.

stage two map (photo:

stage two profile (photo:

In the afternoon decisive stage of Colpo to Locminé a length of 105.7 km will be held. Like the Saturday stage it can be divided into two parts: the first 70km leads through hilly terrain with three climbs: Cote de Ihuelgoët (2.6 km, avg. 3.5%), Cote de Châteaubriant (1.9 km, avg. 3.5% ). Both of these bonuses are in the initial phase of stage It will create a great opportunity to escape. In the middle stage of riders waiting for the last ascent: Coté de Loperhet (1.6km, avg. 4.8%) and then fust run in into Locminé.

stage three map (photo:

stage three profile (photo:

Last year's stage finished in Locminé won Frenchman Etienne Fabre.

Etienne Fabre winning stage 3 (photo:
Final results 2013:

The peloton this year's Le Trophée Centre Morbihan consists of sixteen national teams. Despite being played at the same time as Driedaagse van Axel Dutch team send very strong squad, led by the winner of this year's GP Andre Noyelle Mitchell Cornelisse and talented young rider Pascal Eenkhoorn. The French certainly will play leading roles in their own territory, the leader should be Damien Touze, who didn't have  many opportunities to present his talent on the international level this year.

Other notable starters:

Maxime de Pooter, Tom Wirtgen, Aleksandr Kulikovskii, Erlend Blikra, Tobias Foss and Adam toupalik

At the start list also appears Klaris Magnus Bak, who was supposed to start in 3dAxel at the same time. It seems that we will have to wait until the start of the Dutch race to find out where the start-talented Dane.

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