Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Short ranking explanation, the new addition to my blog.

I really enjoy creating and reading every kind of rankings so i decided to create my own with top 10 best juniors through 2014 season. You can ask is it really necessery to create another ranking if we already have a good one on PCS site. But the difference is that on PCS there are only uci rated races and with juniors there is always a problem to compare riders who ride five or six races on international level with those who ride only once or twice. And that's where my ranking goes.

Here's the first record of my rank. It was the hardest one because top riders didn't have many chances to compete with each other (actually they won't have many during the season i guess). The top places goes to winners of uci rated races (Ncup especially) but i will also try to consider smaller races particualry those with strong and international field.

I will try to post further editions of the ranking once in a month or so, can't promise it will be regular since it depends of my free time.

Here you can find the ranking:

U19Z junior ranking™ 2014


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